Gauteng Concession

Gauteng Province is another of the nine Provinces within South Africa, and is home to the Capital of the country, which is a city known as Pretoria.

Gauteng concession is approximately 1 hour drive from OR Thambo airport.

The main camp in Gauteng is based in the Dinokeng region, and consists of a 10 000 hectare concession.

This particular concession holds enviable “walk and stalk” hunting which is done on a sustainable basis. This is carried out in the Savanah Bushveld, nestled between the rustic Acacia Thorn Trees and Velvet Bush Willows.

The Zebra in this area hold some of the best trophy skins that can be found, as the trees don’t have a lot of spikes, thus their skins do not suffer much damage.

Furthermore, this area boasts excellent Sable hunting possibilities, with wide open savanna which holds quality Blesbuck and Red Hartebeest trophies.

This Gauteng concession is perfectly suited to families which has children that would like to learn to hunt and to harvest their first animals.

It not only has a wide verity of Game to hunt but is also home to well-known tourism sites to spend quality time together as a family.

Furthermore, in the Gauteng concession, there is a particular area that we use for hunting Black Wildebeest and Springbuck. This is a one day in-and-out area which is perfectly suited to incorporate a picnic lunch. The benefits of hunting in this particular area is that it feels as if you are in the Serengeti, with the bountiful number of animals on this property.

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