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Volmer Hunting Safaris

Volmer Safaris is an ethical Hunting Company, proudly founded in South Africa and pioneered by South Africans. We adhere strongly by the code of ethics, and therefore only hunt animals that are roaming freely. With more than 11 years’ experience in taking aspiring hunters on safaris across South Africa, Volmer Safaris has become a favourite for International hunters. The value of choosing Volmer Safaris for your next African Safari lies in our unique ability to tailor our offering according to your budget, your skillset, and your dream trophy.

We boast in our experience with International guests from various continents, taking them on a journey through the culture of Africa, exposing them to some of the most exquisite African sunsets, and giving them the opportunity to capture their dream trophy, whilst creating the experience of a lifetime.

We have guided many men and women through their hunting journey, regardless if they are first-time hunters, seasoned hunters or professional hunters. Having successfully hunted with children as young as 7 years old up to retired gentlemen of over 75 years old, we pride ourselves in offering family friendly safaris.

Our experience doesn’t only give our clients peace of mind, but also ensures that the quality of experiences they encounter during their hunting safari are memorable ones.

Your Professional Hunter and Guide

Volmer Safaris is pioneered by Bertus Volmer, who qualified more than 11 years ago as a registered Big Game Professional Hunter and Outfitter. With extensive experience in hunting safaris in the Limpopo Province, Mpumalanga Province and Gauteng Province of South Africa, Bertus has become a highly sought after guide and hunting specialist in his field.

His first experience with guns was at the tender age of four years old, when his uncle first put a gun in his hands. From this age, he grew an insatiable passion for guns and shooting, and had his first hunting experience at the tender age of 6 years old with a .22 long rifle, shooting Guineafowl and Franklin.

He spent many years practicing the skill of tracking, while hunting game in large open areas. After years of hunting much larger game across all habitats and plains of South Africa, and having perfected the art of tracking, Bertus went on to qualify as an Outfitter and Professional Hunter in 2009.

His career in Big game Hunting was launched by working alongside some of the best in the hunting industry, mastering some of the best trophy hunter, while assisting with environmental issues and problematic animal control.

Bertus’ most sought after skill is in that of Hippo hunting, and he is one of the few hunters who are equipped to take clients on hippo hunts. Bertus believes in a fair chase hunt, with much time spent on foot – walking and stalking game in amazing areas.

From the moment he fetches you at the airport, he walks alongside you every step of the way ensuring that you are well-advised and guided, sharing in the victorious moment as he shakes hands with you next to your phenomenal trophy, whilst taking photos of memories that will truly last a lifetime.

“We look forward to guiding you on an unforgettable hunting safari.”

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